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Here's the word on the street about Joanne Filan:

"Joanne Filan has been making me laugh for years.  She is an amazing writer and an incredible performer.  It is always fun to watch her perform because of her originality and likeability."

-Jessica Kirson, Comedian-The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, LOGO


"Joanne Filan is incredibly funny.  Her self-aware asides and brilliant stream-of-consciousness style separate her from today's cookie cutter "what's up with" comedians.  Ignore her at your own peril.  She is a rising star on the NYC comedy scene."                                                              

-Clayton Fletcher , Comedian/Producer- Sirius XM, AXS TV


"Working with Joanne has been a pleasure and she is a great asset to any show.  I highly recommend her.  The BROAD kills everytime!"  

-Julio Ray, CEO of Comedy Pie Productions


"Very original, strong stage presence, great taglines, and great timing."       

-Rich Carucci,  Steamroller Entertainment 


"Watch out for stardom- Joanne Filan is one of those comics that you underestimate when she walks on stage.  Then when she is done, you feel her skills are underappreciated.   Her comedy about her lifestyle, the intelligence of people, and other items make Joanne one of those comics you better see before some bigwig Hollywood type takes her away."                     

-Diamondback Broadcasting, INC.


"Devilishly charming."  

- President,   All Lifestyles Included of Monmouth University


"..whose dry wit and sly sense of timing reminded me of a young Johnny Carson."

-Richard, audience member


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